Bering Strait Bridge

Bering Strait Bridge Bering Strait Bridge Bering Strait Bridge


The Bering Strait is a stretch of water, 80 km wide at the narrowest point separating Alaska from Eastern Siberia. To the north of it lies the Arctic Ocean and to the south the Bering Sea.


The bridge as envisioned would have three stories: the top for vehicle traffic and would be open to cars and trucks only during summer months, the middle for high-speed trains and
the bottom for oil and gas pipelines.


The bridge would be exposed to long, dark winters and extreme weather (average winter lows −20 °C with possible lows approaching −50 °C). In such climatic conditions maintenance of any exposed/ enclosed roadway and pipelines would be difficult.

Ice breakup after each winter is violent and would destroy normal bridge piers. Specially shaped massive piers along the ocean floor would be needed to keep the bridge stable.

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